Juries for Fiction

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Italian Jury for the American Fiction Books

Alphabetical participants’ list of members who have partecipated in the period 2015 - 2023.
  • Antonelli Sara Professor of American Literature - Roma Tre University
  • Baiocchi Maria Translator
  • Bajani Andrea Writer - Journalist
  • Barzini Andrea Film-director - Artist
  • Bevilacqua Emanuele Editorial manager
  • Briasco Luca Editor - Translator - Writer
  • Buonomo Leonardo Professor of American Literature - University of Trieste
  • Caramella Marisa Editor
  • Castagnone Maria Giulia Editorial Director - Translator
  • Di Paolo Paolo Writer
  • Francini Antonella Professor at Syracuse University of Florence - Writer
  • Fusini Nadia Teacher of English Literature - University of Rome La Sapienza - Writer
  • Gaborik Patricia Playwright - Translator - Professor of English at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio d'Amico"
  • Iuli Cristina Lecturer at the University of Eastern Piedmont
  • Izzo Donatella Professor of American Literature - University of Naples
  • Lo Porto Tiziana Translator and Writer
  • Masiero Pia Professor of North American Literature - Ca 'Foscari University of Venice
  • Nocera Gigliola Prof. University of Catania, representing the Center for American Studies
  • Pacifico Francesco Writer - Journalist
  • Pavolini Lorenzo Writer - Radio journalist
  • Pincio Tommaso Writer - Translator
  • Portelli Alessandro Professor of Anglo-American Literature - Historian - Music critic at the La Sapienza University of Rome
  • Ramazzotti Clara Journalist
  • Rocca Christian Journalist
  • Romagnoli Gabriele Journalist - Writer
  • Rosso Stefano Professor of Anglo-American Literature - University of Bergamo
  • Saracino Maria Antonietta Teacher - Department of English at La Sapienza University of Rome - Essayist
  • Scacchi Anna Professor of American Literature at the University of Padua
  • Splendore Paola Teacher of English Literature - University of RomaTre - Translator
  • Testa Martina, Translator - Editor
  • Valerio Chiara Writer - Journalist - Editor
  • Vasta Giorgio Writer - Literary Critic
  • Zilahy Mirko Writer - Translator - Editor
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American Jury for the Italian Fiction Books

Alphabetical participants’ list of members who alternated in the period 2015 - 2022.
  • Aciman André Professor at CUNY University, NY - Writer
  • Alhadeff Gini Translator - Journalist - Writer
  • Ben-Ghiat Ruth Professor of Italian Studies and History New York University - Essayist
  • Benedetti Laura Professor and Chair of Italian Department - Georgetown University - Washington DC
  • Benetollo Chiara Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor - Department of Transnational Italian Studies, Bryn Mawr College
  • Botterill Steven Professor, Director Education Abroad Program/Italy - Department of Italian Studies University of California - Berkeley
  • Campbell Gustafson Hope Translator
  • Ceccagnoli Patrizio Assistant Professor of Italian, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian, University of Kansas - Dept. of French and Italian, Poetry Italian Review, Managing Editor
  • Celenza Anna H. Professor, Georgetown University, Washington DC
  • Cox Virginia Chair, Department of Italian Studies,New York University
  • De Pau Daniela Associate Teaching Professor in Italian Coordinator of the Italian Program Global Studies and Modern Languages - Drexel University
  • Fiore Teresa Associate Professor and Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies - Modern Languages and Literatures - Montclair State University - NJ
  • Gardiner Eileen Publishers, Italica Press, Inc. New York, NY
  • Goldstain Ann Translator
  • Harrison Thomas Professor, University of California - Los Angeles Essayist - Writer
  • Kottman Paul A. Associate Professor of Literary Studies, New School, NY
  • Lahiri Jhumpa Pulitzer Prize Author - Professor of Creative Writing at Lewis Center of the Arts - Princeton University - NJ
  • Lincoln Evelyn Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Italian Studies - History of Printmaking and Book Illustration - Department of the History of Art & Architecture - Brown University - RI
  • Lombardi Giancarlo Chair of Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center City University of New York - NY
  • Lombardi-Diop Cristina Director of the Rome Studies Minor Program Modern Languages and Literatures & Women's Studies and Gender Studies Loyola University Chicago, IL
  • Lucamante Stefania Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature - The Catholic University of America, Washington DC
  • Luraghi Nino Professor of Italian - Princeton University - NJ
  • Marchelli Chiara Author and Professor of Creative Writing at NYU, NY
  • Marchesi Simone Professor of Italian Princeton University, NJ
  • MccCrea Barry Professor of Department of English - Concurrent Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures - Concurrent Professor of Irish Language and Literature, University of Notre Dame - IN
  • McPhee Jenny Writer, Translator, Professor at School of Professional Studies, NYU
  • Menechella Grazia Professor of Italian Literature - University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI
  • Minardi Anna Professor - Dartmouth University - NH
  • Musto Ronald G. Publishers - Italica Press Inc. New York, NY
  • Pagano Tullio Associate Professor of Italian - Dickinson College Carlisle PA; Director of the K. Robert Nilsson Center for European Studies in Bologna, Italy (2016-18)
  • Perricone Joseph Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature Fordham University, NY
  • Pickering-lazzi Robin Professor, Department of French, Italian, and Comparative Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - WI
  • Portnowitz Todd Editor, Poet, Italian translator
  • Refini Eugenio Associate Professor of Italian Studies, New York University
  • Riva Massimo Chair, Department of Italian Studies - Brown University - Providence, RI
  • Shugaar Antony Translator
  • Seno Cosetta Associate Professor Associate Chair - Undergraduate Studies - French and Italian Department - Colorado University - Denver, CO
  • Tamburri Anthony Professor at CUNY, and Director of John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, New York, NY
  • Valesio Paolo Professor, Critic and Poet, Giuseppe Ungaretti Professor Emeritus in Italian Literature, Department of Italian -Columbia University, NY
  • Witt Martha Assistant Professor, Creative Writing, Translation, English Education, William Paterson University - NJ
  • Zamperini Paola Associate Professor of Chinese Literature - Chair of the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures - Director of the Asian Studies Graduate Cluster Gender and Sexuality Program - Board Kaplan Institute Humanities Council Northwestern University - Evanston, IL