8th Edition, 2023


Ada D’Adamo

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Come d’Aria, Elliot

Daria is the daughter, whose fate is sealed from birth by a missed diagnosis. Ada is the mother, who on the threshold of fifty discovers that she has fallen ill. This discovery becomes an opportunity for her to address her daughter directly and tell her their story. Everything passes through Ada and Daria's bodies: daily labors, anger, secrets, but also unexpected joys and moments of infinite tenderness. The words traverse time, in a constant interweaving of past and present. A tale of extraordinary strength and truth, in which every moment experienced is offered to the reader as a gift.
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Paolo Chiesa

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Marckalada. Quando l'America aveva un altro nome, Laterza

In a work written by a fourteenth-century Milanese friar, Galvano Fiamma, there is a brief mention about a land called Marckalada, located west of Greenland. Sailors traveling the northern seas speak of it as a land full of trees and animals, where great buildings are found and giants live. This is sensational news: the first mention of the American continent in the Mediterranean area, a century and a half before Columbus' voyage. Who is Galvano Fiamma and where does he get this information from? Why did he write that work, preserved in a lost manuscript, found and now stored in an inaccessible place? Who are the sailors who tell of those distant and undefined lands? What was really known in Italy about the regions across the ocean? Answering these questions will require questioning many evocative characters: the Viking explorers who landed on American shores from Iceland; the priest in the port of Genoa, who drew maps with the information he received from sailors; the merchants who traveled north from the Mediterranean to buy furs and birds of prey; the Genoese galleys that disappeared in the Atlantic while trying to reach India by sailing westward; the messengers of the emperor of Ethiopia who brought news of their civilization to the pope in Avignon; the scientists who investigated the habitability of the Arctic regions and drew wind diagrams; the erudite geography and history buffs who jotted down everything they read and heard. Pulling the strings are a group of today's college students who, guided by their professor and applying the tools of philology, transcribe a seemingly rather boring medieval text for their dissertation and end up with a small but fascinating scientific discovery in their hands.
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Isabella Hammad

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Enter Ghost, Grove Atlantic

After years away from her family's homeland, and shaken by a disastrous love affair, actress Sonia Nasir returns to Haifa to visit her older sister Haneen. This is her first trip back from the second intifada and the death of her grandparents.While Haneen has made a living commuting to Tel Aviv to teach at the university, Sonia has remained in London to focus on her acting career and now on her dissolute marriage. Upon her return, she discovers that her relationship with Palestine is fragile, deep and new. A stunning interpretation of today's Palestine, Enter Ghost is a story of diaspora, displacement, and connection found in familiar and shared resistance. Timely, thoughtful and passionate, Isabella Hammad's second novel is an exquisite achievement, an unforgettable story of artistry under 'occupation.
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Alison Cornish

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Believing in Dante: Truth in Fiction, Cambridge University Press

Alison Cornish offers a compelling re-examination of The Comedy with modern sensibilities in mind. Believing in Dante re-examines the hellish dramas of Dante's masterpiece that alienate and perplex modern readers, offering an invigorating vision of the entire Divine Comedy, bringing it back to meaningful life today. By addressing the characteristics that distance an author like Dante from the modern world, Alison Cornish shows the value of engaging critically and constructively with texts that do not coincide with current worldviews. In doing so, she reveals how we can discover that navigating in the process of reading. Written with incisiveness and sophistication, this book elucidates Dante's universe, which can be read with ease-a universe in which we can and should choose what we want to believe.
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2023 Edition

The 20 candidates

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Italian Fiction

  • Ada D’Adamo, Come d’Aria - Elliot
  • Antonio Franchini, Leggere possedere vendere bruciare - Marsilio
  • Fumettibrutti - Trilogia esplicita: Romanzo esplicito-P. La mia adolescenza trans-Anestesia, - Feltrinelli
  • Antonella Lattanzi, Cose che non si raccontano - Einaudi
  • Chiara Tagliaferri, Strega comanda colore - Mondadori
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Italian Non Fiction

  • Mimmo Cangiano, Cultura di destra e società di massa. Europa 1870-1939 - Ed. Nottetempo
  • Paolo Chiesa, Marckalada. Quando l'America aveva un altro nome - Laterza
  • Nicola Di Cosmo, Venezia e i Mongoli. Commercio e diplomazia sulle vie della seta nel medioevo (secoli XIII-XV) - Viella
  • Alessandro Giammei, Cose da Maschi - Einaudi
  • Marina Valensise, Sul baratro. Città, artisti e scrittori d'Europa alla vigilia della seconda guerra mondiale - Neri Pozza
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American Fiction

  • Joyce Becker Lee, Casualties: Stories - Tortoise Books
  • Isabella Hammad, Enter Ghost - Grove Atlantic
  • Idra Novey, Take What You Need - Viking
  • Sara Novic, True Biz - Random House
  • Daphne Palasi Andreades, Brown Girls - HarperCollins Publishers
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American Non Fiction

  • James Coleman, A Sudden Frenzy: Improvisation, Orality, and Power in Renaissance Italy - Toronto University Press
  • Alison Cornish, Believing in Dante: Truth in Fiction - Cambridge University Press
  • David Lines, The Dynamics of Learning in Early Modern Italy Arts and Medicine at the University of Bologna - Harvard University Press
  • John Najemy, Machiavelli's Broken World - Oxford University Press
  • Jessica Gabriel Peritz, The Lyric Myth of Voice: Civilizing Song in Enlightenment Italy - University of California Press